Welcome to Pups Will Travel! I have been breeding dogs since 1974. I started out with AKC Labradors and took Best of Breed at Timonium, MD. I have enjoyed the labradors quiet and docile behavior, but soon became tired of getting my coffee tables cleared by their ever moving tails. I then got into Rottweilers, and for the next 11 years bred beautiful, well mannered Rotties. This much maligned breed is a truly wonderful dog that I still love today. After my oldest Rottweiler passed on, I found a Boston rescue dog, and my life changed forever. Today I have several of these delightfully comical dogs. They are definitely a sure cure for depression of any type! I tell people all the time that if you own a Boston you will never need an anti-depressant drug for the rest of your life, as they are a laugh a minute. I breed my females to Mr. Garbonzo Bean; and each little girl has no more than one free whelped litter a year. When not selling my own dogs, I help other breeders place theirs. I am convinced that this breed is for everyone as they are wonderful with old and young alike, and do just as well in an apartment as down on the farm. They are truly a very versatile breed and get along well with other animals too. Beware of one flaw though: Bostons are like Fritos, you can't have just one!

~Jane Streett

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